i like how you think im clueless

there’s nothing more therapeutic than pouring your heart out for hours on end playing piano

sick to my stomach

kk i am dying hungover in bed and i have a flight to catch 

Matt is moving to china but we went to a bar last night for a while and it was just nice to hang out with someone who’s genuinely been such a good friend to me, I’m gonna miss him.

genuinely thinking of becoming a vegetarian 

play with my hair and have sex w me pls

when you left i got all the help i ever needed and all the friends ive always wanted

we fell asleep to the sound of the rain falling. his warms were wrapped around me and i could feel his heart beating pressed against my back. i kept hoping he would let go and turn around. he didn’t. 

i realize now that not loving myself is what made me such a horrible jealous person half the time, it made it seem that every other person that came along was infinitely better than me and that drove me insane.