i made a new friend on tumblr, she’s definitely one of the strongest and loveliest people i know, you should follow her here.¬†

learning to appreciate the small things that happen throughout the day so much more:
- found parking in front of the consulate
- didn’t dent the car with the trash bin the neighbor stuck into my car
- registered to vote in brazil/got the paper proving it
- the man at the consulate was super friendly
- i had a nice breakfast

ive been telling myself im not sick all day but now i have a fever 

having the flu is not bueno

it’s cold and grey and i’m going to go home and shower and curl up in a ball in sweatpants and watch tv shows and drink tea

call me beep me if u wanna know the secret to sneaking into the hospital past visiting hours xoxo

i’m sorry but if you want nothing to do with me as a person you don’t get to interact with my family members either

i had a series of really weird dreams last night and it led me to believe that i really don’t hate anyone and i’m at peace with life

going to a frat party and then to the rooftop bar so excited!!